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Mountain View County, Alberta, Canada

Kurt & Tannis 4039993315

Purebred Savannah cats and Kittens 🐱 Professionally bred & raised in home

Purebred Savannah cats and Kittens 🐱 Professionally bred & raised in homePurebred Savannah cats and Kittens 🐱 Professionally bred & raised in home

About King Magnus

King Magnus is all the way from Mississippi he was bred by Lequoia Savannah's Christina Goss!! Magnus captured our hearts at first sight. He is a very gentle boy who has a very strong attachment to my father Kurt. Magnus is very smart and loves to listen to himself talk :P he often goes down into the tiled basement bathroom and lets out his "love songs" as we refer to it the acoustics down there echo beautifully through the house. I dont know who loves it more him or his girls. 

He has a Perfect spotted coat with amazing color and contrast. He is darn near perfect we really lucked out on getting this amazing stud!!

Our Beloved Drinkwater StarLord of Alberta

We are more then honoured to have this precious boy and Rare bloodline. 

Mall the way from tampa Florida it was love at first sight. 

Drinkwater Starlord is a very unique and amazing boy with a perfect golden coat and big bold black spots much like that of his ancestor the Serval. 

Doreen his original breeder is someone who is highly respected among The Savannah community she makes magic in her breedings and for us to be apart of that magic is something beyond words for us. 


Sire information

Seacoast Corona is Ann award winning Stud raised and shown by Ministik Tau, we recently were given The honour of placing him in our breeding program.  We have had his two sister litter mates since 12 weeks and we absolutely love these bloodlines. 

He is a big friendly giant this boy, for being a mature adult he loves to play and cuddle his humans. It toon him no time at all to settle in here at Alberta Savannahs and we are absolutely loving him and his extra friendly tempered kittens.