Information about Chewy’s rehoming

Looking for a forever family that’s available to give this boy the attention he deserves

From his current owner

 ~ Rehoming my F7 TICA registered male Savannah cat . I am looking for the right family who is mostly home or hoping to already have a fur friend he can be with all day long. He has anxiety when I'm not around and is the reason why I'm rehoming him, unfortunately I work 14 hour long days. I use to have a roommate so he was always with someone at home but now I'm on my own so he's always alone. He is amazing with people I'm not sure how he is with other animals, but he is definitely amazing with people and will always greet someone new!  He will be 3 in February. His name is Chewy and he is very affectionate, loving,  playful who loves to cuddle with you all day long. He is good with sleeping by your side. He is the sweetest cat I ever came across and it breaks my heart that I have to do this so I'm looking for serious inquiries only and a adoption fee of $400. I am willing to continue paying his pet insurance for a few weeks until we know he is comfortable in his new forever home! He is on a hypoallergenic diet for food a food sensitivity allergy. He may have outgrown of it now too but I wouldn't recommend switching his food to try until he is completely settled into his new home! If you have any questions please don't be hesitant to contact me! Please and thank you.


Chewy is currently living in Fort McMurray Alberta, he is up to date at the vet and is in great health. 

His parents are Alberta Rebel and lequoia King Magnus. He is on a hypoallergenic dry cat kibble as he has a food allergy. 

For more information on giving Chewy a new home 

Please email myself Randi at

or contact his current owner Christina 

780 607 2388